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Declaration of Result - Kirkley Ward

17 September 2021

Lowestoft Town Council had one vacancy for a Town Councillor for Kirkley ward, which has now been filled after the elections held on Thursday 16th September 2021 by Christian Newsome.

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Suffolk Local History Council Local Recorders

10 September 2021

Would you like to be the Local Recorder for the Suffolk Local History Council?

The Suffolk Local History Council runs a Local Recorders Scheme throughout Suffolk.  We administer a network of volunteers to ensure that the ‘present’ is adequately recorded at local level for the ‘future’.

A Local Recorder will note significant happenings in their parish and collect their local parish magazines, leaflets, election pamphlets and newspaper cuttings.  At the end of each year, they are asked to submit a short report summarising the activities of their parish.  The reports are deposited at the Suffolk Record Office and available to future researchers together with the collected items.

If you are interested, please look at the Recorders Pack by visiting www.slhc.org.uk, click on Recorders, then click on Recorders Pack in the text on the left hand side to acquaint yourself with the guidelines of the scheme.  You do not need to be a historian; you do not need any qualifications other than an interest in your parish.  In return you will receive a copy of the SLHC Newsletter and be invited to the annual conference specifically for Local Recorders.  To volunteer to help in this important work, please contact recorders@slhc.org.uk

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Heritage Open Days Lowestoft

7 September 2021

The Town Council is delighted to be involved in Lowestoft’s Heritage Open Days. A full programme of free events is available for all to enjoy. Further details at the Heritage Open Days Website or pick up a brochure from one of the following locations: The Railway Station, Sam's Café on Bevan Street, the Town Council reception, Lowestoft Library, Oulton Broad Library, the Kirkley Centre, or Uncle Sid's in the High Street.

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East Suffolk Ambition to Employ

3 September 2021


‘East Suffolk Ambition to Employ’ programme from MENTA

(Funded by East Suffolk Community Partnerships)


  • Are you a sole trader or micro business owner in East Suffolk?
  • Are you thinking about taking on an employee in the next 6-12 months, but you’re not sure how best to go about it?
  • If so, then the ‘Ambition to Employ’ programme from MENTA could be just right for you.

East Suffolk Ambition to employ is a programme run by MENTA with funding from East Suffolk Community Partnerships that will help you to successfully navigate the process of taking on an employee, step by step.

For further details, please visit https://eastsuffolkmeansbusiness.co.uk/news/east-suffolk-ambition-to-employ/ or e-mail – bookings@menta.org.uk

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