• Weekly Triangle Market

    Weekly Triangle MarketThe Town Council has relaunched it's market every Tuesday at the Triangle Market Read more

  • Trees

    TreesInformation about trees in Lowestoft Read more

  • Climate Emergency

    Climate EmergencyFind out what the Council is doing regarding it's declaration of a climate emergency Read more

Lowestoft Town Council

Welcome to the Lowestoft Town Council Website. Here you will find a wealth of information about your Town Council. If you have a specific issue and are unsure which Council to we have put together an overview of responsibilities for different councils.

Anyone seeking further information on Covid-19 should visit official sources, including www.gov.uk and www.nhs.uk. If you need urgent assistance during the COVID-19 emergency you should telephone the Suffolk Home But Not Alone team on 0800 876 6926.

We have updated our grant policy to include offering support to local businesses and organisations effected by COVID-19, details of which can be found on our grants page.

While social distancing remains in place, all council meetings are being streamed on YouTube. You can still contact the council through the contact us page and updates can be found on the website and Facebook.