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The Council also has a legal duty to display statutory notices regarding meetings, elections, audits, and financial matters as well as details of events in our parks and information about the local area. As such we have noticeboards in the following locations where information is displayed for our electorate:

Gainsborough Drive 

Gunton Residents Meeting Hall 

Kensington Gardens 

Links Road 

Normanston Park

Rosedale Park 

Sparrow's Nest (Yarmouth Road Entrance) 

Sparrow's Nest (Whapload Road Entrance)

Triangle Market 

Whitton Green 

If you would like to display information on these noticeboards, when spaces permits, it is possible based on the following criteria:

  • Only notices publicising events and activities run by community organisations in Lowestoft may be displayed.
  • The organisation responsible for publishing the notice must be clearly visible on the notice.
  • No commercial notices will be displayed (including any type of business)
  • Items for display must be submitted in hard copy to the Town Council offices or via the Town Councillor for your Ward. The Town Council is not able to print any notices submitted by email.

No material is to be displayed without adherence to the above criteria and any unauthorized notices or flyposting will be immediately removed. The Town Council reserves the right to not display any notices it considers inappropriate and cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information it is asked to display by third parties.

Noticeboards 1  Sparrows Nest Yarmouth Rd Entrance 1