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Full Council

Full Council meetings take place every month and are where the most important decisions are made.

These meetings are attended by every member of the Council.

Finance and Governance Committee

The Finance and Governance Committee is responsible for the finances and policies of the Council.

The members of this committee are: Andy Pearce, Graham Parker, Alice Taylor, Alan Green (Chair), David Youngman, Amanda Frost, Neil Coleby, and Jacqueline Hardie.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee looks at matters relating to Council staff.

The members of this committee are: Keith Patience, Peter Lang, Graham Parker, Amanda Frost (Chair), Jacqueline Hardie, Neil Coleby, and Andy Pearce.

Planning and Environment Committee

The Planning and Environment Committee considers and comments on local planning applications to the local planning authority.

The members of this committee are: Sue Barnard, Alan Green, Peter Knight (Chair), Amanda Frost, Jacqueline Hardie, Alice Taylor, Graham Parker, and David Youngman.

Asset, Inclusion and Development Committee

The AID Committee looks at how to improve assets within Lowestoft.

The members of this committee are: Sue Barnard (Chair), Colin Butler, Peter Collecott, Peter Knight, Nick Webb, Steve Ardley, Bob Breakspear, Andy Pearce, Keith Patience, Neil Coleby, and Graham Parker.

CCTV Committee

The CCTV Committee looks at the CCTV cameras owned by the Council.

The members of this committee are: Peter Collecott (Chair), Nick Webb, Amanda Frost, Andy Pearce, Alice Taylor, and Graham Parker.