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WildEast - Pledging of Land

17 February 2021

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WildEast is a movement of people, for nature, forever. WildEast challenges the region to be the first to become the biggest, best connected and restored nature reserves in the world. With an ambitious goal to help nature recover from mass deforestation, decline in all species from wild flowers and insects, to mammals and birds, and crucially to address the current crisis of nature in England.
WildEast are working towards a Map of Dreams, a resource that will inspire others to join the movement and track the progress of their mission to return 20% or 250,000 hectares to nature. Joining this movement is simple and free, WildEast are asking for pledges which will build the pathway to restoring space for nature, pledges could include land, farmland, a donation to the cause, and/or time and skills. Importantly, pledging is not just for farmers, it is for industrial estates, supermarkets, housing estates, allotments, schools, and homeowners. For your pledge to be included to the Map of Dreams, WildEast ask for your location, a little background information on your pledge and the size of the pledged land.
Lowestoft Town Council is currently reviewing land we maintain and we are motivated to pledge land to this movement, so that together we can create a greener, wilder and a more sustainable region. We are asking the community for any comments on areas of green/wild spaces that you think could be pledged to this movement within the town, and we are hoping to encourage others to contribute to the cause with their own pledges of land, skills and/or time.
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