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Communication from Suffolk Police

20 September 2019

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Dear Resident,

Apparent lack of news regarding crime doesn’t mean to say it isn’t happening and of course scams are no exception. However, I wanted to advertise those places to which you can guide members to report incidents. I am sure that some of you will have been asked by a member to report something. It is better if they are shown how to report matters themselves. This is particulary true for the police who do require the complainant to be the one to do the reporting. There will always be exceptions of course but as rule of thumb members should be encouraged to report the problem directly rather than through a third party.

Crime is the obvious first one. Suffolk Constabulary have a dedicated place on their website for this purpose. In fact, their website covers a whole range of situations were reporting a matter is not a matter of urgency. This not only covers crime related matters but also those situations that are community based, noisy dogs, noisy neighbours, fly tipping etc. Take a look before something needs reporting and familiarise yourself with the contents.

The site is: https://www.suffolk.police.uk/contact-us/report-something   Remember that if an incident is taking place or you feel in danger then 999 will always be the number to ring.

101 can be used but it if matter is not urgent and you have access to the computer then the website will often be the best means of reporting a matter.

Anonymity. For what ever reason some people feel unable to make a call that can identify them. Crimestoppers may be the place to go. This information is from the police website:

Crimestoppers is an independent charity helping to find criminals and solve crimes. It gives you the chance to give information anonymously either by phone or online.

Crimestoppers are not the police:

  • you won’t have to give your name
  • your call won’t be traced or recorded
  • you won’t have to make a statement
  • you’ll never have to go to court

Crimestoppers has never broken its guarantee of anonymity. No one will ever have to know you called. Yet, the simple piece of information you give could help police make an arrest.

Problems with your local area, pavements, roads, signage then the website to visit to report these matters is Suffolk County Council. Suffolk Highways Dept-reporting road and footway faults : https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/highway...   It will lead you to a map on which you can locate the problem and submit a report, including downloading of any photos you may have of the problem. It will also allow you to follow the progress (or otherwise) of any action they may take.

Suffolk Trading Standards. If you have issues which you think they should be dealing with or If you need advice, or want to report a scam or rogue trader, call them via 03454 040506 


SUFFOLK TRADING STANDARDS -  this week they are warning us about -

‘We have received a number of reports from residents across Suffolk who have been subjected to scam calls from someone purporting to be from "Suffolk County Court".

The caller states that there has been a fine issued against the resident and that it must be paid, otherwise further action will be taken.

The caller then goes on to ask for bank or credit card details.

If you receive a similar call, HANG UP and do not give the caller any personal details.’

Report any such calls to us via 03454 040506.

Staying safe is what Neighbourhood Watch is all about!

Brian Sivyer


Lowestoft Neighbourhood Watch Association