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Build a Bee Hotel

6 April 2021

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Bees are facing an unprecedented crisis having lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years, due to harmful pesticides, intensive farming and climate change. Build a bee hotel/house this spring for our bees.
Friends of the Earth suggest that there are many ways to make a bee hotel, by building it up with nesting materials such as holes in drilled untreated wood, lengths of bamboo, hollow plants stems and bunches of dried twigs and grasses. Once made, locate your bee hotel at least a metre off the ground and secure it firmly to a wall, fence or freestanding post and see a new generation of solitary bees emerge and inhabit these homes. By creating bee-friendly environments where we live, we can start to replace and restore some of this lost habitat, as well as help reconnect with nature.
For further details on how to create these hotels with simple easy-to-follow instructions available on the Friends of the Earth Website