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Press Release - Toilets Survey and Survey Results

28 February 2019

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Press Release

The Town Council continues to engage with its electorate and seek opinions on facilities in the town.

Lowestoft Town Council is currently running two surveys to gather residents' opinions and ensure value for money. The Council is asking about the current use of the Kirkley Cliff Road public conveniences and the Pakefield Street public conveniences. The opinions the Council gathers will be used to consider the future of these toilets given that they currently cost £15,000 per year (approximately 30p per use) and £9,000 per year (approximately 80p per use) respectively for their upkeep.

Both surveys can be found via our website or Facebook page.

The results of the two surveys undertaken at the end of 2018 are now available. The Town Council asked for thoughts on the development of open spaces at North Denes and Clarkes Lane. For the North Denes, the Town Council was seeking to gather initial views on the unleased land. A Town Council Working Group will now look in more detail at the future use of this land.

Contact details for the Council: admin@lowestofttowncouncil.uk Tel: 0330 053 6019

Website: www.lowestofttowncouncil.gov.uk