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Freedom of the Town – Three Awards made by Lowestoft Town Council

25 June 2021

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For the first time since its formation in 2017, Lowestoft Town Council has conferred the title of Freedom of the Town. Whilst not a regular activity of the Town Council, the Council may choose to confer the title on persons who have rendered eminent services to Lowestoft or to organisations and objects of distinction that are linked to the town.

Before consideration is given to awarding the title of honorary freeman or freewoman, the Town Council needs to receive an application supported by people of the town and the application is then scrutinised by the Council. Applications need to demonstrate that the nominee has delivered exceptional service to the Town of Lowestoft and awards are only made when the Town Council is satisfied that the nominee is deserving of such an infrequently awarded title.

Given the above, the Town Council is now officially announcing the following titles have been conferred:

>Mr John Wylson, nominated by The Excelsior Trust. Mr Wylson is a chartered Architect and Sailor whose enthusiasm and vast knowledge has been of immense value to the traditional ship building history of East Anglia, and in particular Lowestoft.  A founder member of the Excelsior Trust, Mr Wylson secure continued funding and manpower for completing the restoration of Excelsior, but the also set out to keep alive the centuries old shipbuilding skills.

>Mr Chris Brooks, nominated by the Lowestoft Evacuees Society for over 30 years’ of dedicated contribution to the Society .  Mr Brooks has played a significant part in placing on record this historic and unique event of the evacuation of 3000 young children from Lowestoft at the outset of WW2.  Mr Brooks received the surprise news at an Evacuees Society event held at the Marina Theatre on 19 June (see additional press release).

>The Excelsior, nominated by The Excelsior Trust. The Excelsior will be marking her centenary in 2021 and the title is award by her home port town to make her unique status as being the last, authentic Lowestoft Smack* in existence.

Arrangements will now be made for formal presentation of the awards later this summer.

*A Smack is a traditional fishing boat.

Freedom of the Town Press Release