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2019 Election Results

4 May 2019

The Councillors elected in the May 2019 elections are as follows:


Gunton - Sue Barnard

St Margarets East - Colin Butler and David Youngman

St Margarets West (uncontested) - Peter Collecott

Harbour and Normanston - Steve Ardley, Tara Carlton, Tracey Eastwood, Peter Knight, Keith Patience and Andy Pearce

Kirkley - Amanda Frost, Jacqueline Hardie and Alice Taylor

Pakefield (uncontested) - Robert Breakspear, Alan Green and John Pitts

Elmtree (uncontested) - Peter Lang and Nick Webb

Tom Crisp (uncontested) - Graham Parker


The full results of the contested seats are:

Ward Candidate Votes
Gunton Sue Barnard 634 (E)
Gunton Crispin Hook 327 
St Margarets East Colin Butler 646 (E)
St Margarets East Jen Jones 454 
 St Margarets East David Youngman 517 (E) 
Harbour and Normanston Steve Ardley 1153 (E)
Harbour and Normanston Tara Carlton 1163 (E)
Harbour and Normanston Neil Coleby 1034 
Harbour and Normanston Tracey Eastwood 1206 (E)
Harbour and Normanston Ian Graham 1024 
Harbour and Normanston Peter Knight 1110 (E)
Harbour and Normanston Keith Patience  1208 (E)
Harbour and Normanston Andy Pearce  1108 (E) 
Kirkley Amanda Frost  819 (E)
Kirkley Peter Hadden  157 
Kirkley Jacqueline Hardie  478 (E)
Kirkley Mark Moran  252 
Kirkley Clare Stachan  440 
Kirkley Alex Taylor 392 
Kirkley Alice Taylor 561 (E)

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Co-option Process for One Councillor Vacancy, Representing the Elmtree Ward

26 April 2019

co opt

Details of how you can be considered to fill the Councillor vacancy, representing the Elmtree ward.

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May 2019 Elections

8 April 2019

There are four contested and four uncontested wards for the election on the 2nd May 2019. The Statements of Persons Nominated for contested wards and the uncontested ward notices can be found below.

Statements of Persons Nominated
Notices of Uncontested Elections

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Family Fun and Craft Activities at the Lowestoft Maritime Museum

2 April 2019

Details of family fun and craft activities at the Lowestoft Maritime Museum in April and August.


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Waveney Disability Forum

2 April 2019

Details of the next Waveney Disability Forum


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Dip Farm Corton Road

28 March 2019

The Town Council is pleased that its application to register the land at Dip Farm as an Asset of Community Value has been successful.

In real terms this means that should the owner of the site ever decide to sell the land, the community will be able to submit an intention to bid before the land is put on the open market.

Further information can be found at www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/community/community-rights/community-right-to-bid.

The registration as an Asset of Community Value does not affect any current leases for the land.

This is the first site the Town Council has successfully added to the register on behalf of the community of Lowestoft.

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