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Amanda Frost

I’ve lived in rural Suffolk since 1998 and came to Lowestoft at the beginning of 2015 for the first time. That first visit had such an impact on us that we moved here permanently in March 2016.

I joined Lowestoft Town Council in 2017 and feel incredibly excited about what’s happening here. Major infrastructure projects in the form of flood defences and the third crossing are going to have a hugely positive effect on our town together with initiatives such the inaugural First Light Festival in the summer of 2019, which really shone a light on what we have to offer on and around our amazing beach. We have not one, but two, Heritage Action Zones (HAZ), north and south of the bridge, which in itself is a rare achievement and can only bring benefits to the town.

I believe there is a very bright future for Lowestoft and that we’ll see significant, constructive changes in the next few years, which is no less than Lowestoft deserves.