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Lowestoft Neighbourhood Plan

13 March 2018

The Town Council is about to embark on the process of a Neighbourhood Plan for Lowestoft. It is envisaged that the Plan will include the whole of the parish area. If you have any initial comments on this, we would be delighted to hear from you.  The Neighbourhood Planning process will involved a series of public engagement events - it will be your chance to have a voice and a choice. Further details will be published over the next few months.

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Sporting Facilities in Lowestoft

8 March 2018

The Town Council has made the decision to remove the charges for its leisure facilities from April 2018. We will be developing an online booking system which will be accessible on the Council’s website but in the meantime visit one of the Council run facilities such as Kensington Gardens or Normanston Park and ask one of the friendly team to book you a place.

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Lowestoft Town Council statement on the threatened closure of the Records Office in Lowestoft

13 February 2018

Lowestoft Town Council has a strong commitment to Lowestoft’s heritage and locally-significant archive collections and is concerned about the threatened closure of the Records Office in Lowestoft. The Town Council is pleased that the decision has been put on hold and hopes this indicates that there is due recognition to the importance of maintaining and safeguarding relevant records locally. The Town Council is always watchful and concerned when policy positions appear to favour Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds and should changes proceed, would wish to see full recognition not only of the importance of local heritage but also the need to ensure local people are able to access this information. The Council, newly created in 2017, will be greatly disappointed if there is not meaningful consultation with the Council and the community about the options which might now be explored to ensure preservation, enhancement and accessibility of Lowestoft’s heritage collections. The Council continues to monitor developments at the Records Office  and to consider the impact any changes might have on Lowestoft library. The Council would welcome any views from local people.

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Oulton Road and Snape Drive Road Closure

2 January 2018

On the 15th and 16th January Oulton Road and Snape Drive will be closed between 9:30 and 15:00 for road repairs and to clear vegetation. More details can be found here.

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Christmas Market 2017

21 December 2017

On the 20th December Lowestoft Town Council held a Christmas Market at the Triangle Market. If you would like to see a regular market there, let us know by emailing admin@lowestofttowncouncil.uk 

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